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Mere & Cancer Girl At It Again

I begged her not to, but Mere googled her chance of thyroid cancer recurrence today.  After reading some not so great statistics, I told her not to worry because she could get hit by a bus tomorrow.


Other possible deaths for Mere include:

  • Struck by lightning
  • Tree falls on your apartment
  • Eat a sunflower
  • Die from frustration filling out a survey on quality of life post cancer
  • Bunny bites her legs off
  • Break your toe putting on pants, it turns into gangrene.

This Is Going in Team Thyroid HQ

In Case Of Assholes Break Glass

Poor Nat

Less than 3 mins after I come online this morning, Skype pops up and this is what I see…


Team Thyroid Down To Her Toes

It’s a whole new level of commitment