Virtual Team Thyroid Part 1

Mere and I were joking around about creating a Sims version of Team Thyroid and seeing if the four of us could really handle living together.  We were a little too accurate in creating our characters.

This has quickly turned into quite the drama.  Who will die first?  Will Gibz starve to death?  Welcome to the first episode of Survivor: Team Thyroid.

SimCG is a stay-at-home writer, SimMere is a school teacher with the dream of becoming a robot breeder, SimNat is on the fast-track to becoming CEO, and SimGibz… She wants to be leader of the free world.

Here the girls are honing their skills, but please note that SimGibz put herself in the corner facing the wall.  This is after she tripped walking in the front door.

Dear sweet SimNat wanted to throw a party to get to know her co-workers and impress her boss before she went to her first day of work.  Before the party even started, SimCG got so excited she started dancing on the kitchen counter.

Please note that everyone is being social with SimNat’s new coworkers, except SimGibz, who hipchecked a guest out of the way to greet the pizza delivery guy.  She’s outside eating, has yet to offer anyone a slice, and is generally being SimGibz.

Personally, I love the look on SimGibz’ face during this pillow fight:

SimCG and SimGibz had their first fight! Awww.

SimCG’s third book was supposed to be a biography about a neighboring Sim, yet it became her first best seller: Team Thyroid Tells All.

Obviously we picked the right job for SimGibz.

Yet, despite everything, SimCG and SimGibz decided to get married.

What’s a good way to recover from an all-nighter?  SimGibz, SimCG, and SimMere playing video games.  Note the only one bothered with getting dress.  I have no clue where SimNat was.

SimGibz is very protective of her motorcycle, so the remaining members of Sim Team Thyroid decided we should have Vespas.

In true Sim Team Thyroid fashion, the foursome attended a formal party, and after saying hello to the host, they bounced.  The real party was at their home:

The next day, SimNat told her best friend, SimCG, a little secret:

Almost every day, SimNat wakes up feeling unlucky, thinking nothing good is going to happen to her that day.  She gets a promotion every time.  But maybe, her unlucky feeling is from wanting to protect her best friend who seems to be the one with the bad luck.

SimCG catches SimGibz cheating on her:

Notice who SimCG is dancing with at the party later that night (SimNat):

And later, Sim Team Thyroid threw a post-workout dance party:

And the next night, there was ANOTHER dance party.  And yes, that’s SimNat doing the backbend:

Now, the real life Team Thyroid would definitely have a  nightly dance party, but in our individual rooms since we don’t share similar tastes in music, except for Jason Mraz.

Sim Team Thyroid has managed to keep SimGibz alive and employed for three weeks.

Yeah, we don’t know how either.


About Cancer Girl

Living with microscopic metastatic disease since diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer, follicular variant thyroid cancer, and papillary microcarcinoma in the fall 2008; Chris has written for Dear Thyroid, Everyday Health, Lifescript, and Team Thyroid on what living the new normal means.

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