Insomnia, Mudwrestling, Splat, and The Greatest Thyroid Cancer Fundraiser

As it always does with Cancer Girl and Mere, a simple Facebook status caused havoc on the interwebz tonight.  At one point, the conversation took such a left turn that it deserves to be it’s own post, but here is the first part.

CG: “No sleep since I woke up on Saturday morning, two sleeping pills tonight, and I’m still awake. I’m beginning to think I should take Mere up on her “loving” offer to club me in the head.

Mere:  “I’ll go polish the mallet.”

CG: “You’re a little too happy about this…”

Mere:  “If I was truly happy about it I would have put a big >;-D after it.”

CG:  “Just admit it, this is less about me sleeping and you seeking revenge.”

Mere:  “I don’t need revenge on you! :D”

CG: “Preemptive revenge.”

Mere:  “The empire strikes first?”

CG:  “Let’s be honest. I’ll screw something up at some point, or say something that will be taken the wrong way, and that’s when you’ll want to club me. If we do it in reverse order, we’re doing me a favor.”

Mere: “It takes a lot for me to want to club you, and based on the content of our conversations, there’d be a need for mutual clubbing if we ever pissed each other off. :D”

CG:  “Good point…. That would make a great thyroid cancer fundraiser: COME TO LAS VEGAS! SEE MERE AND CANCER GIRL BATTLE EACH OTHER UNTIL THE PMS PASSES!”


CG:  “Jello Wrestling for each person who donates a minimum of $1K.”

Mere:  “Only if its jello made with vodka.”

CG:  “You just proved why you’re one of my best friends.”

Mere:  “: D I know. You’re one of mine too.”

CG:  “The mental image of me crawling thru a pool of vodka jello, sucking it thru a large straw while drunkenly attempting to throw it at you just crossed my mind.”

Mere:  “That may be the greatest mental image ever conjured.”

CG:  “IKR? Partially because you know it’s true! “MERE!! MERE!!! STAND STILL! I CAN’T GET ALL THREE OF YOU IF YOU KEEP MOVING!” Splat! Face first into the jello.”

Mere:  “And that’s why we call you Splat.”


About Cancer Girl

Living with microscopic metastatic disease since diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer, follicular variant thyroid cancer, and papillary microcarcinoma in the fall 2008; Chris has written for Dear Thyroid, Everyday Health, Lifescript, and Team Thyroid on what living the new normal means.

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