Happy (Early) Birthday Cancer Girl

We’d love to be there to celebrate (and drink) with you, but, unfortunately it’s not really possible. Gibz is up to her eyeballs in Photoshop, Nat’s being a typical Aussie and playing with dingoes while wearing cork hats and Mere is in school doing awesome things for herself. But we did think about the possibility and decided if we were with you, it would go something like this…

Maybe for Gibz’ sake, it’s not such a bad thing we can’t be there. We don’t want your birthday being spent tidying her injuries!
Cos, you know, Nat would need to find babysitters for the dingo (cos they won’t let the poor pup on the aeroplane) which kinda sucks.
And Mere, well, Mere is happily in Vegas winning big for you!!

Dear Cancergirl,
Happy Birthday!!
You do realise, if you just keep celebrating your 29th birthday over and over again, one of these days we won’t just be sisters, but we’ll be twins! Haha!!
Celebrate hard & don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. And if I would do it, you need to go at it twice – once for you & once for me!
Love you!
Nat. xx

Chris, knowing you has made me a better person. I am glad that we are friends and that today we are celebrating your birthday!!! We’ve shared laughter, tears, anger and many inappropriate jokes! I wish you many more birthdays, with all of us being utterly ridiculous.

How I’d talk if I was related to the Queen

Greetings old chap! Many happy returns of the day. I jolly well hope you have a spiffing year, keep your pecker up and dont burn the candle at both ends! Cheerio!

How I should talk

Happy Birthday CG! I hope you have a great year, keep smiling and take care of yourself! 🙂 Cya!

How I actually talk

ORITE AR KID! I owp yow ava smashin birfday n a bostin year! Keep a grin on yow face kid yum gonna go faaaar, dow ova do it tho yow need a kip erry now n then! tara a bit!

lol Happy Birthday Cancer Girl, I hope you find all the strength and courage you need…to blow ALL those candles out 😉 I love you bebz ❤




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