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It’s Almost September

We’ve been hard at work here at Team Thyroid in preparation for Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month.  Yes, we actually do know how to work.  And yes, we are going to (attempt) to be serious for the most part.  So here is what our combined evil genius has in store for you: Read More…

An Open Letter To Michelle Baker at Huffpo

Dear Michelle,

We’re sorry you may get diagnosed thyroid cancer. We know exactly what you’re facing and we wanted to tell you that you are not alone. There is a community of thousands of survivors that are here to support you.

The good part is that your post has gone viral in the thyroid cancer community, and it’s given us an opportunity to discuss a very important facet of thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer is not the good cancer, but this is a very common misconception in the general population. It has some pretty serious consequences and side effects. Radioactive iodine is usually a very effective treatment, but it does on occasion fail, and can put you at risk for secondary cancers.  Many of us struggle on a daily and weekly basis to regulate our thyroid levels, our blood calcium and even our reproductive hormones. Some of us have had major metastasis to multiple organ systems, myself included. We hope that none of this is true for you, but we want you to be prepared, and not walk into it and be blindsided by all the things that may happen. Read More…