An Open Letter To Michelle Baker at Huffpo

Dear Michelle,

We’re sorry you may get diagnosed thyroid cancer. We know exactly what you’re facing and we wanted to tell you that you are not alone. There is a community of thousands of survivors that are here to support you.

The good part is that your post has gone viral in the thyroid cancer community, and it’s given us an opportunity to discuss a very important facet of thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer is not the good cancer, but this is a very common misconception in the general population. It has some pretty serious consequences and side effects. Radioactive iodine is usually a very effective treatment, but it does on occasion fail, and can put you at risk for secondary cancers.  Many of us struggle on a daily and weekly basis to regulate our thyroid levels, our blood calcium and even our reproductive hormones. Some of us have had major metastasis to multiple organ systems, myself included. We hope that none of this is true for you, but we want you to be prepared, and not walk into it and be blindsided by all the things that may happen.

ThyCa is the premier thyroid cancer awareness organization in the United States. They have a research fund that anyone can donate to directly on their website ( 100% of this money goes to thyroid cancer research.

Lastly, September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness month and we at Team Thyroid have just lost a dear friend.  We are dying our hair pink in her honor. Everyone is welcome to join us in our hair dying efforts on September 1st.  If you’d like to support our efforts to raise to raise some money for ThyCa, ( you can follow the link to our café press store and buy a t-shirt, $2 of which goes directly to ThyCa’s research fund during the month of September; and we’ll let you out of dying your hair pink.

Best wishes,

MereAaryn, founding member of Team Thyroid

For more on this topic read the original post-
And for a very eloquent response read


2 responses to “An Open Letter To Michelle Baker at Huffpo”

  1. livingwithanukedbody says :

    I would not have let her off quite so easy…… 🙂

    • mereaaryn says :

      Hi there and thanks for commenting! I wanted to explain why I went “easy” on her so to speak. There are many comments on huffpo laying into her for her perspective and the way she said things. While my initial gut reaction was much the same, I know that her comments were said from a place of ignorance and fear, not maliciousness. We were all there once. I can remember very distinctly having multiple doctors tell me that thyroid cancer was the “good cancer.’ and I bought into this for a short time as a coping mechanism. She probably is too, because the news she received is overwhelming.

      The thing I want to emphasize the most is that she is probably about to become our sister, our fellow warrior, and we should strive to educate her, and not demonize her.

      I hope this explains my response well enough. 🙂

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