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Thyroid Cancer Treatments and Patient Rights

Cancer treatment is as varied as the cancer diagnosis and the patient. Two patients with the same diagnosis aren’t necessarily undergoing the same treatment plan. Lifestyle factors and life goals factor into a treatment plan, too. To illustrate: A 28-year-old female who is newly married and wants to have a family needs a treatment plan that preserves her fertility; however, a 60-year-old male with grandchildren does not have those needs.
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A Team Thyroid Tribute

I cannot believe tomorrow is the last day of September and that Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month is drawing to a close. There’s still plenty of advocacy work to do, and my next stop is the ThyCa conference. It is our hope that this 30-day campaign inspired you to take a stand, gave you new information, made you laugh, and most importantly, reminded you that you’re not alone.

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Panels of Molecular Markers Improve Diagnosis of Thyroid Cancer

The application of molecular markers is already significantly improving the diagnosis of thyroid cancer, according to several studies presented during the 82nd annual meeting of the American Thyroid Association, and broader application of mutational panels to tumor samples could help prevent unnecessary surgeries to confirm the diagnosis.

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Losing Friends

When I was younger I was told “When you leave school, you’ll lose touch with people you thought you’d be friends with forever”. No one told me the same thing would happen with a cancer diagnosis.

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Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer

Anaplastic thyroid cancer grows very rapidly and is an invasive type of thyroid cancer. It occurs most often in people over age 60. The cause is unknown.

Anaplastic cancer accounts for only about 1% of all thyroid cancers.

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