ThyCa: The Thyroid Cancer Information Source

In today’s world, surfing the Information Superhighway is overwhelming. I find myself always questioning the source’s reliability. This is especially important when one receives a cancer diagnosis and is looking for answers. When newly diagnosed patients ask me where to go for thyroid cancer information, I tell them to look no further than ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivor’s Association, Inc. The website is constantly updated with important information, such as the latest American Thyroid Association (ATA) guidelines to Thyrogen availability, to the estimated number of newly diagnosed cases.

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About Cancer Girl

Living with microscopic metastatic disease since diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer, follicular variant thyroid cancer, and papillary microcarcinoma in the fall 2008; Chris has written for Dear Thyroid, Everyday Health, Lifescript, and Team Thyroid on what living the new normal means.

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