Tribute With A Twist

When I was going through treatment I never looked for support from other thyroid cancer patients, and I was never told how important it is to talk to people who know exactly what you’re going through, so when I saw we had to write about someone with cancer who inspired us I was a bit stuck.

After a couple of weeks of racking my brain I realised that there was someone who kept me strong through the whole experience, but they hadn’t had cancer. That person is my mom. I know that my cancer was harder on her than it was on me but she never let me see that. Without her reassuring me I’m sure I would have been terrified, without her fighting my corner I would have had so much more to worry about.
The whole time I was in hospital she only left my side when she knew there was someone else there to keep me distracted from what was going on, at night she slept next to me on a camp bed just in case I woke up frightened and during RAI she waited for me outside the door so that we could write notes to each other on paper.  I really don’t know what I would have done without her, she did more than stop me falling apart, she kept me completely relaxed.

My mom couldn’t have done it alone though, she reached out for support from people like you reading this right now. The fighters and survivors who make their fear take a back seat and share their stories and experiences to help the newly diagnosed and carers. Without you my mom couldn’t have been so strong, without you my experience would have been so different.
So thank you mom and thank you advocates for keeping us both strong, just by sharing your story you’re helping people more than you will ever know. You’re my inspiration.


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