Gibz’ Story So Far

Twas a dark and stormy night (well evening)
My mom had been shopping and got me a new shirt, I asked her to take my picture in it and the light caught my lump in a way that made me feel the need to point it out. My horrified mother quickly checked her own neck and made an appointment for me to see my GP the next day.

Before I’d even stepped foot inside the Dr’s office I’d decided it was cancer, I had no idea which type but I was convinced it was cancer. 4 months after diagnosis things weren’t much clearer, all I knew was I had a type of thyroid cancer because 3 doctors, 2 profs and their teams couldn’t agree on any details but, I guess that was to be expected, during 2006/08 only 5 in 100,000 10-14yr olds were diagnosed*. Eventually after a 6th opinion they agreed on follicular variant papillary thyroid cancer.

I’d never had an operation before and I guess cancer was a bit much for me to get my head around. As I was waiting to go in for my first operation I named my tumour Glandulous Maximous and decided I was going to war with him instead. After 2 ops and a round of RAI I won my battle against the mighty Glandulous and his helper. However as in every war unfortunately there were casualties in the form of my parathyroids.

I recently got my 6 year clear and everything is looking good but, thyroid cancer is sneaky so with life time follow up I guess this is to be continued…

*According to Cancer Research UK


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