Thoughts On The ThyCa Conference

I recently returned from the 15th International Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Conference, hosted by ThyCa in Chicago, Ill. This year was my fourth conference and my fourth “cancerversary”—and there is no better way to celebrate this milestone than by seeing friends, old and new, at this educational and social event. The conference is three days of information-packed sessions from the top doctors in thyroid cancer, who share the newest information in treatment, as well as their hopes for a cure.

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About Cancer Girl

Living with microscopic metastatic disease since diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer, follicular variant thyroid cancer, and papillary microcarcinoma in the fall 2008; Chris has written for Dear Thyroid, Everyday Health, Lifescript, and Team Thyroid on what living the new normal means.

2 responses to “Thoughts On The ThyCa Conference”

  1. Ashley says :

    I was at the Chicago ThyCa too!! Which groups did you go to? I hope to meet you in person at Philly! I love read your blogs

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