About Cancer Girl and Gibz

It started as a joke on twitter about beating people with a cane for wearing sunglasses while driving with their headlights on, to plotting revenge on endocrinologists, to plans of world domination a la Pinky & The Brain, to bad Mortal Kombat references, to late nights on Skype, to a life long friendship despite their abandonment issues.

From the two idiots who make you laugh on twitter daily, Gibz and Cancer Girl proudly present Team Thyroid – more than just a t-shirt design (in progress), this is a website dedicated to the stupid things we say, the crazy things we do, and the way we cope with being young adult thyroid cancer survivors.

(Un)fortunately, we are not alone in this endeavor and as this site grows, we will be adding in the antics of our other Team Thyroid members – that is, when we’re not too busy goofing off on Skype party chats.


Cancer Girl met Nat on twitter awhile ago and they become instant friends.  Nat is very much the little sister Cancer Girl never had (poor Nat).  Their stories – both with cancer and other parts of life – run parallel, proving every day that these two poor souls belong to each other.


Mere is the only one of us trying to better herself.  She is currently enrolled in grad school and proving to the world you can compete with thyroid brain fog.  Her daily goal is to put the rest of us slobs in our place.


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