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Recently, the news has been full of headlines about how massaging your breasts can reduce your cancer risk. I have had two breast cancer scares, and as a thyroid cancer survivor, I hesitate to believe

More Crazy Cancer Cures


When cancer enters the picture, we are desperate for answers: how did this happen? What is next? How do I make it go away? Often times, while we are struggling for the answers, healthy people will ask

How Do People Get Cancer?

When I was first brainstorming for this article, I thought I’d write about the challenges of caregiving at the holidays. But a comment from someone on Twitter inspired a different approach: how to care

Caregiving For Yourself

As a cancer survivor, you will have to deal with public misconceptions. You do get used to it, and some of my friends even have a little fun with it. As cancer survivors, it is our responsibility to correct

Being Cancer Survivors: Facing Misconceptions