Twitter Stupidity

From Cancer Girl:

How @gibzroid & I are spending the summer: In honor of summer Olympics we need to start a synchronized drinking team.

You know you spend too much time with someone when they can have the conversation for you @gibzroid

Going to attempt cooking breakfast while skyping with @gibzroid. Anyone else sense a minor disaster in the works?

Just said to a friend, “He’d buy me a bunny just to boil it later”

The problem with having friends in different time zones is that you tend to drink with them on their schedule.

I say it everyday. It is a DAMN good thing that I’m pretty.

From Gibz:

@cancergirl730 sober “How do you even have a job?” @cancergirl730 drunk “YOURE SO TALENTED!”

Definition of COMPLICATED is trending… @cancergirl730

@cancergirl730 @persteph Help me Obi-Wan Endobi. You’re my only hope. 😉

Am I the only thyca survivor that feels a bit disappointed I can’t fling my head back and get a PEZ?

From Our Followers:

The line I’ve been waiting for all morning!!! @MereAaryn just said “I have songs for this” #NoSurprise

Having the usual morning scroll thru my timeline and see @cancergirl730 and @gibzroid playing the blame game again. #NoSurprise #NothingNew

@gibzroid Don’t worry, I know it’s all @cancergirl730‘s fault!!!

@cancergirl730 So damn true!! You’re always pretty…not always clever!! 😉

#TeamThyroid #FTW RT  Good morning twitter. Usual morning here. Being entertained by @cancergirl730 and @gibzroid on skype.

Has a new favourite tag line… #SnortFail #OnlyCancerGirlCouldPullThatOff

I AM CENCER GIRL JNR…FUCK!…CANCER GIRL JNR! You’d think by the 2nd diagnosis I’d know how to spell it!!

So there seems to be a new morning greeting going around! Not “good morning” but “why are you awake?” LMAO!!!


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